Monday, December 31, 2007

Turned On 1975

Turned On 1975

1. Philadelphia Freedom – Elton John Band
2. Paloma Blanca – George Baker Selection
3. Cavalry – Daryl Braithwaite
4. At Seventeen – Janis Ian
5. Amazin’ Man Idi Amin - John Bird
6. Scotch On The Rocks – Band Of The Black Watch
7. Sparrow Song – Seekers
8. Smokey – Saxony
9. Words And Music – Andy Gibb
10. Trans Canada Highway – Gene Pitney
11. Denim And Lace – Marty Rhone
12. Misty – Ray Stevens
13. Lovin’ You – Minnie Riperton
14. Let’s Do It – Russell Morris
15. Wildfire – Michael Murphey
16. Lady Marmalade – Labelle
17. Summer Breeze – Stylus
18. Good Morning To You – Jade Hurley
19. Lady – Styx
20. Ms. Grace – Tymes

Turned On

Password: K-Tel

Ripped at 320kbps


Rar file contains back and front scan


oldshepp said...

Ahh Captain you've done it again. This was another of the few records my parents owned that I could listen to.

Retroguy17 said...

Excellent upload as usual. What's cool about the K-Tel compilations is remembering the times in which they were released. It's not about the actual songs but more about the song list when you get to listen to them again. Brings back lots of great memories. Thanks again.

Micko said...

Thanks Captain. Some genuinely hard to find tracks on this one ie Andy Gibb, Jade Hurley, Russell Morris, John Bird.
Granted they ain't all great songs but hard to find nonethless



Cerebral_Assassin said...

Awesome is all that can be said!

¡Mateo es así! said...

It's nice to see Idi Amin get his proper respect alongside his peers Ray Stevens and Minnie Riperton.

SC said...

Hey, guys, why does one hafta enter a fricking password? I downloaded, then eventually, hadda delete because of the dilemna.

Steve, USA

Anonymous said...

Thanks Captain, I have this album in original vinyl, but alas it's aged probably as well as I have, and was no good to convert to mp3.
Again THANKS!!!

Kim, Oz (Australia)

Marita said...

Hi Captain Goodvibes

I have just stumbled upon this treasure but I am late and it's no longer there for me too download. I'd really love to have the Australian version of Andy Gibb's Words and Music. Could you please reupload it for me? Thank you very much in advance.
Marita from Spain