Monday, December 17, 2007

ChartStoppers Volume 1 1971

ChartStoppers Volume 1 1971

01. Me And You And A Dog Named Boo – Lobo
02. I Am, I Said – Neil Diamond
03. Toast And Marmalade For Tea – Tin Tin
04. Song For Suzie – Dudley Moore
05. Bonnie Please Don’t Go – Kevin Johnson
06. Life Is Getting Better – Flake
07. Stay Awhile – Bells
08. Superstar – Colleen Hewett
09. The Pushbike Song – Mixtures
10. 100 Children – Kamahl
11. Put Your Hand In The Hand – Ocean
12. Wheat In The Field – Harry Young & Sabbath
13. Cheryl Moana Marie – John Rowles
14. Can You Feel It Baby – Sherbet
15. Falling – Autumn
16. Soft Delights – New Dream
17. Seasons Of Change – Blackfeather
18. Henry Ford – The Mixtures
19. As Long As Life Goes On – Sheryl Blake
20. Theme From Love Story – Francis Lai

Thanks go to Micko for this classic vinyl rip and link.

Scans Thanks To Micko


Micko said...

Does anyone have have Chartoppers 3, the last in the series at all?

Here's hoping


skids said...

Sure do Micko, but its a bit tatty around the edges, it'll be upped soon

Micko said...

Hang 5 mate, I may have another option from a better source

Get back to ya


Combom said...


Jason said...

Thanks Micko. Another old vinyl compilation replaced.

PJ said...

a classic compilation from the early 70s - many thanks to Micko for the upload of this.

DOC BOURNE said...

i would like to have that

DOC BOURNE said...

Don't know why i missed it but now Ive got it thanks