Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Ripper 1975

Ripper 1975
1 Skyhooks - Horror Movie
2 Sherbet - Freedom
3 Olivia Newton-John - If You Love Me, Let Me Know
4 Donny & Marie Osmond - Morning Side of the Mountain
5 The Pointer Sisters - Fairytale
6 Gary Shearston - I Get a Kick Out of You
7 Ray Burgess - Touch Me
8 Bachman-Turner Overdrive - You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet
9 Gloria Gaynor - Never Can Say Goodbye
10 Daryl Braithwaite - You're My World
11 Gladys Knight and the Pips - I Feel a Song (In My Heart)
12 Richard Clapton - Girls on the Avenue
13 The Sensational Alex Harvey Band - Anthem
14 Jon English - Turn the Page
15 Johnny O'Keefe - On the Road
16 Status Quo - Down Down


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skids said...

nice one captian

Micko said...

Thanks again Captain. Another fine collection with the possible exception of Donnie & Marie LOL Are you planning to provide full artwork for these Ripper/Scorcher etc albums at some stage as I would really like the back covers if/when u get the chance

Thanks again


ozi-fox-38 said...

This is not only the first in the 3D title design, with ripped skirts/pants and artist names written on the torso, but also one of my faves. After listening to this plus the other 2 'Rippers' I determined that my copy of this title is nowhere near as good a quality as yours. Well done (aye aye) Captain! 2 thumbs up :)

PJ-1 said...

Awesome! just like the other 2. my LP copy/copies is/are stuffed/scratched - so thanks for this. No trouble or errors at all. :)