Monday, May 12, 2008

Wild Women Of Rock - VA

hit me with your best shot - pat benatar
do you want to touch me - Joan jett and the blackhearts
better be good to me - Tina turner
hot minutes - renee geyer
going through the motions - bonnie tyler
silent treatment - the bangles
siren - divinyls
out for blood - lita ford
no class - the plasmatics
rock hard- suzi q
barracuda - heart
call me - blondie
bang bang - cheetah
new toy - lene lovich
baby - rachel sweet
reputation - wendy and the rockets
stupid girl - elln foley
i want candy - bow wow wow

Wild Women


Cap said...

the microphone cracks me up. Talk about lack of subtlety.

Micko said...

Actually the cover is positively dreadful & I'm sure most of these rock women would have been thoroughly unimpressed at them being portrayed this way.

Having said that, it is actually a great compilation & I love me ballsy women who sing with a bit of grunt. Most of these girls sure do rock (not sure about Bow Wow Wow LOL) & the compilers have actually chosen their ROCK songs as opposed to biggest hits which isn't always the same thing.
The one exception possibly being their choice of Blondie track as they released some much tougher tracks than this one. But overall, a very good overview of the mid '70's to mid '80's female rock scene.
Having said that, the first rock chick & one of, if not THE best, Janis Joplin is a glaring omission. I wonder why that is

Thanks for this one skids. A great find

Happy Micko

Anonymous said...

It looks very much like they've tried to cash in on the whole 'Boy George' look.What a disapointment for those thinking Culture Club featured on it only to discover they judged a book (or tape!) by its cover.How thoroughly and 'trashtastically' nostalgic.Wonderful stuff!