Monday, May 5, 2008

SUPA HITS Radioactive Hits 1978

01 So You Win Again - HOT CHOCOLATE
02 Star Wars - THE FORCE
03 Get Outa My Pagoda - CHRIS SPEDING
04 What A Way To Go - DR. HOOK
05 Silver Lady - DAVID SOUL
06 Home On A Monday - LITTLE RIVER BAND
07 Emotion - SAMANTHA SANG
08 Sentimental Lady - BOB WELCH
10 The Way I feel Tonight - BAT CITY ROLLERS
11 She Did It - ERIC CARMEN
12 Reach Out For The One Who Loves You - MARK HOLDEN
13 Its Your Life - SMOKIE
14 Where The Action Is - JOHN PAUL YOUNG
15 Don't Leave Me This Way - THELMA HOUSTON
16 Let There Be Rock - ACDC
17 Hard Rock Cafe - CAROLE KING
18 Show me the Way to the Jungle - LEON BURGER



oldshepp said...

Another good one Skids. Gotta love the cover too !

RaffyFrodo said...

Ripper, Ripsnorter, Devastator, Whopper, Scorcher, Knockout, Squeezed Out - sounds like Bargearse came up with these names.

Seriously guys - this brings back memories I had long since thought forgotten. Thanks!!!

Anonymous said...

These links are gone unfortunately - can you please re-post this? I can't find this one anywhere.

skids said...

I can see if i can find it and upload it to dropbox. (it may take a week or three)

you will have to do me a favour and join dropbox via the link below so i get more space.

Please join Dropbox via this link


Anonymous said...

Okay, thanks! I'll keep checking back. I hope you can locate it. Very much appreciated. I joined Dropbox via the referral link you provided.

skids said...

I don't know if you didn't do it, or you did it wrong, but new link in post anyway

Anonymous said...

Wow, thank you so much! Just downloaded it. Thank again. Very much appreciated! You had a great blog here. Shame you had to end it but I understand life takes precedence. Take care!