Thursday, May 22, 2008

Rager 1977

Rager 1977

1. Best Disco In Town – Ritchie Family
2. Blinded By The Light – Manfred Mann’s Earth Band
3. Stand Tall – Burton Cummings
4. Until Your Love Broke Through – Marcia Hines
5. Run ‘N’ Hide – Geeza
6. Love And Other Bruises – Air Supply
7. You’ve Got The Gun ’76 – Sherbet
8. Here’s Some Love – Lori Balmer
9. A Little Romance – Taste
10. Who Loves You – Four Seasons
11. Rock ‘N’ Roll Love Letter – Bay City Rollers
12. This Time – Dragon
13. More Than A Feeling – Boston
14. On The Loose Again – Marty Rhone
15. Beth – Kiss
16. You Promised Me The Love – Debbie Byrne
17. C’Mon Let’s Do It – Ol’ 55
18. Sunday – Hush
19. Only If You Want To – Little Pattie
20. Roxanne – Rockwell T. James

Captain Goodvibes


Captain Goodvibes said...

Thanks skids, all credit for this goes to skids.

Micko said...

Thanks to whoever is responsible. When I saw Best Disco In Town as the lead track, I was a bit dubious. But surprsubggly considering the year of release, it's the only disco song on here. Still even SOME disco sounds classic compared to what they call dance music these days. Perhaos not the horrible Ritchie Family though :-)

Thanks guys, particularly nice to have Geeza, Hush & Taste as tgese are rarely if ever heard these days


Anonymous said...

Getting to hear Boston's "More than a Feeling" just made my Memorial Day weekend-
your site is amazing!
Keep up the exceptional work, you are a true audio historian!

Anonymous said...

link to part1 is gone
part2 is still up