Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Rock Explosion 1973

01 Cassandra - SHERBET
02 Free Wheel Electric Band - ALBERT HAMMOND
03 Why Can't We Live Together - TIMMY THOMAS
04 The Morning After - MAUREEN MCGOVERN
05 Rocket Man - ELTON JOHN
06 Early Morning - MISSISSIPPI
07 Behind Closed Doors - CHARLIE RICH
08 Suzie Darlin' - BARRY CROCKER
09 Swamp Switch - JIM STAFFORD
10 The Worlds Greatest Mum - JOHNNY CHESTER
11 12lb Toothbrush - MADDER LAKE
12 Daisy A Day - JUD STRUNK
13 Duelling Banjos - ERIC WEISS
14 Je T'Aime - ABIGAIL
15 Pretty Maid - TONY MARSHALL
16 Summer Breeze - SEALS & CROFTS
17 I'm Gonna Love You Just A Little More Baby - BARRY WHITE
18 Cover Of The Rolling Stone - DR HOOK
20 Play Mumma, Sing Me A Song - JOHN J FRANCIS

(cleaned up with a few skips)


Anonymous said...

Gee man you just keep pumping them out. Thanks for all the compliations.

Captain Goodvibes said...

Thanks again Skids you just keep coming up with more & more compilations albums.

bazzil said...

Jamie Redfern doing Venus... Fantastic

PJ-1 said...

Good classic album, skips or not.

2 thumbs up :)

Anonymous said...

Bought this alburm as a kid as songs are still great listening such as Free electric band,Swamp witch,Daisy a day,Duelling bango's even Abigails only 1 hit track after No96 finished a lot of grat songs always spewing that I lent it in good faith too that DJ Steve in Darwin in 83 bugger never returned it.

Leslie Whittet said...

Is this available on a CD?