Monday, April 21, 2008

20 Happening Hits Vol2

01 Most People I Know Think I'm Crazy - THE AZTECS xxxx
02 Cherish - DAVID CASSIDY
03 Coz I Luv You - SLADE
04 Opened Up Your Heart - G.WAYNE THOMAS
05 Turned 21 - THE NEW DREAM
06 When You Wish Upon A Star - JAMIE REDFERN
07 Son Of My Father - CHICORY TIP
08 Ain't No Sunshine - BILL WITHERS
09 Show Me The Way - BRIAN CADD & DON MUDIE
10 Theme From Shaft - Isaac Hayes
11 How Do you Do - JIGSAW xxxxx
12 I Will Return - SPRINGWATER
13 The Whale - FIELDING & DYER
14 Let's See Action - THE WHO
15 Levon - ELTON JOHN
16 The Lion Sleeps Tonight - THE LOVE MACHINE
18 Stick-up - HONEY CONE
19 My World - THE BEE GEES

Hits Vol2


Micko said...

Thanks again Skids, nice cleanup job too though nothing can be done about the old K-Tel edits & sound quality due to the high compression. Always good for a laf even if what they did to Thorpie is sacriligious LOL.

Unfortunately I've accidentally deleted the artwork. Can anyone upload it separately again please. Thanks


Anonymous said...

Nice up Skids - however after unpacking I think a couple of the track listings are a bit awry.

Track 11 plays as track 20.
Track 20 plays as track 19.
Track 19 plays as track 11.

Just thought I'd mention it in case others have the same glitch. Thanks heaps for all these ups though, rapidly filling up my HD. :)


Captain Goodvibes said...

Thanks skids

skids said...

probably not a glitch MJ just a typo :-p


Micko said...

Thanks for the artwork link Skids. As it turns out someone emailed it to me but apperciated nonetheless. Being a long weekend I'm wondering what we can expct in the next cuppla days :-)



Simon666 said...

jesus christ. I got this, when it came out, for my tenth birthday. it's taken thirty six years to clear Jamie Redfern out of my head , and you've brought him back ! arrrgghh!!
many thanks :)

skids said...

part 1

Anonymous said...

Part 1 skids is a different version happening hits 1 not 2

cheers Who....

skids said...

new (correct) link in post

Sir Of Derek said...

i'm sorry to bring youse some not-so-good nuze, but track 17 stubbornly refuses to be extracted (crc error). tis a particularly rare bit o'tune, so i'd be jolly grateful if someone re-upped it.

skids said...

jasons2 said...

Thanks again skids. Another old record replaced. Unfortunately Rapidshare is saying that file for track 17 is not found.