Tuesday, April 22, 2008

1982 With A Bullet

01 Centerfold - THE J GEILS BAND
02 Just Can't Get Enough - DEPECHE MODE
03 Homosapien - PETE SHELLY
05 My Own Way - DURAN DURAN
06 Dirty Creature - SPLIT ENZ
07 Almost With You - THE CHURCH
08 Why Do Fools Fall in Love - DIANNA ROSS
09 The Lion Sleeps Tonight - TIGHT FIT
10 What About Me? - MOVING PICTURES
11 Cambodia - KIM WILDE
12 Beserk Warriors - MENTAL AS ANYTHING
13 Golden Brown - THE STRANGLERS
14 Let's Hang On - BARRY MANILOW
15 Mickey - TONI BASIL
16 Come Back Suzanne - BILL WYMAN
17 Body Amd Soul - JO KENNEDY
18 Daddy's Home - CLIFF RICHARD

1982 with
a bullet


Mario said...

By any chance.. and with some luck... and a little hope... i'm asking you.. do you have Hot Chocolate - Everybodys laughing ?!.. pls... or if you could tell me why is so hard to find.. isn't just an ordinary track

Captain Goodvibes said...

Thanks again skids you just keep coming up with these old complilations. Excellent quality too.

Anonymous said...

this blog is brilliant!!!!!

After getting over the shock of realising someone actually collected these K-Tel albums, I am now a devotee.
Worse still is realising how many of the damn things I own on vinyl and therefore must have bought over the years.

thanks immensely skids....

brett said...

Hi Mario, Hot Chocolate's 'Everybody's Laughting' isn't too hard to find.There is a cheap EMI cd call Hot Choclate A's,B's & Rarieties. The song is on that

Anonymous said...

What can I say...
A BIG Thanks to you for all your efforts.
I only wish I could download them all.

All the very best to you.


skids said...

part 1


ozi-fox-38 said...

Good onya skids - another good album and the tracks were fine. Many thanks to you for this and other albums here. 2 thumbs up :D

Hingehead said...

My vinyl copy of this is so bodgy - glad you posted it.

Kimberlie62 said...

'1982..With a Bullet'
Part 1 leads to a closed sight.
Can you re-post it to rapidshare or another site??
Your site is FFFantastic!!!

skids said...