Friday, March 7, 2008

Whopper 1975

01 All My friends Are Getting Married - SKYHOOKS
02 Life - SHERBET
03 Have You Ever Benn Mellow - OLIVIA NEWTON JOHN (skippy)
04 Lovin Arms - JON ENGLISH (a skip or 3)
06 Another Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Song - B J THOMAS (2 skip)
07 We May Never Love Like This Again - MAUREEN McGOVERN
08 Autobahn - KRFTWERK
10 Shame Shame Shame - SHIRLEY & COMPANY
11 The Hustle - VAN McCOY
12 Up in A Puff of Smoke - POLLY BROWN
13 Jive Talkin' - BEE GEES
14 Reach Out I'll Be There - GLORIA GAYNOR
15 Swing Your Daddy - JIM GILSTRAP
16 Love Fever - RAY BURGESS

bit crackly


Captain Goodvibes said...

Thanks again skids

Anonymous said...

A bit scratchy but who cares? Keep up the good work skids. If you've got "BUMPER" 1976 that would be a real treat. Ta Heaps.

skids said...

sry i don't have Bumper

Sir Of Derek said...

howdy, folks! i have been downloading your treasures since early this morning, and listening to the, ehm, crème della crème of 70s mainstream pop after all these years is (nearly) as good as sex :-))

to the point : shareonall has snuffed it and is regrettably now an ex-download service :-(( any chance of you re-upping this k-tel classic on, say, rapidshit or megaupgoat, plz plz plz??

Sir Of Derek said...

yoohoo-oo ... did any of youse kind gents pick up my request or am i, as i usually do, just talking to myself? i think this album has been pitifully oversighted, as i see alotsa other titles that have duly received a re-upload since shareonall went shareonnone :-(

skids said...

Things take time Derek

got to find it again :-p

Sir Of Derek said...

oops ... twas not my intention to make you work faster, dear chap - only to ensure that someone had read my plea :-) i stand corrected and will pray for you to have many wives and multiple offsprings.

Anonymous said...

Good to know that you are on the case skids. I'm looking forward to this one.


skids said...

PJ said...

' a bit crackly ' - the way LPs are meant to sound! another good compilation skids. cheers.