Friday, March 21, 2008

Bacon & Eggs 1979

01 Knock On Wood - AMII STEWART (2 skips)
02 So Many Ways - JOHN ST PETERS (2/3 skips)
03 Chiquitita - ABBA
04 Something's Missing (In My Life) - ( MARCIA HINES with MONALISA & TERRY YOUNG)
05 Living For Your Smile - O'L 55
06 Send Your Love - SHAUNA JENSEN
07 Shooting Star - DOLLAR
08 Lost In Love - AIR SUPPLY
09 Like An Eagle - DENNIS PARKER
10 In The Navy - VILLAGE PEOPLE (2 skips)
11 One Way Ticket - ERUPTION ( 2 skips)
12 On The Inside - LYNNE HAMILTON
13 Take me Back To Hollywood - TED GARDESSTAD
14 Woman In Love - THREE DEGREES
15 Moving Like A Superstar - AMADEO
16 (I Will Be Your)Shadow In The Street - ALLAN CLARKE
18 Song On The Radio - AL STEWART

Bacon & Eggs


Futuristics said...

NICE Blog :)

Anonymous said...

This was realeased in 1979...

skids said...

ta Anonymous ;-)

PhantomOfTheRadio said...

Hey! I(ve just landed on your blog, guided by my cohort from PCL LinkDump Lex-10

This is a lovely blog full of music i like to listen to! I've got a little present for you ... a french 45rpm record from K-TEL industries ! Check it out here on my blog:
Thanks for doing what you are doing.

Anonymous said...

Thanks skids - you have been working hard here. Link from your recent post at ausrock. I have been patiently searching for this album - mine was destroyed after a hard party. It was my first record given to me as a gift on my 14th birthday. Thanks for the memories.
This site brings back some cheer/laughter and thoughts of what could have been all those years ago.
THANKS K-tel and to you skids.

skids said...

Part 2

Anonymous said...

Not sure if you know but if you do I am sorry but cannot download part 2 of Bacon & Eggs have tried a few times but the download program that it redirects to keeps saying they are closed

skids said...

you serious??? see the post above yours Anonymous, it has a link in it...hmmmm ...guess what its for?

Anonymous said...

Great blog skids. A real walk down memory lane. BTW - "Bacon & Eggs The Album" is a 7 Records (Channel 7 Network) compilation which back in 1979 cost me a whopping AUD$6.99. Thankyou very much for your fantastic contribution from the good old days.

Brian said...

Hey skids

Can you please decipher this message I got when I attempted to unzip an LP download:

Please inert disk containing Documents and Settings\(username)\Local Settings\Temp (insert LP listing.rar into Drive C:

What the heck does that mean?? :(

skids said...

got no idea Brian

marty said...

well done.Stupidly,I gave away the (murky...)cassette.What was I thinking??

OzDrDj said...

Hey There, Its a long time since a post was made, but never know. I am looking for this album for a mate and the links are dead. Any Chance ? Cheers heaps in Advance.