Saturday, March 8, 2008

Devastator 1977

01 Last Romance - MARK HOLDEN
02 Jamaica Rum - T.M.G
03 The Way You Do It - PUSSYFOOT
04 Horoscope - HARPO
06 I Only Want Be With You - BAY CITY ROLLERS
07 (One more year of) Daddy's Little Girl - RAY SAWYER
08 Hey St. Peter - FLASH AND THE PAN
09 A Fifth Of Beethoven - THE WALTER MURPHY BAND
10 Hot Line - SYLVERS
11 Its A Long Way There - LITTLE RIVER BAND
12 I Like Dancing - REDHOUSE
13 I Wanna Make You My Lady - MARK HOLDEN
14 Security - JO JO ZEP & THE FALCONS
15 I'm Stranded - THE SAINTS
16 Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap - ACDC

Part 1 65mb
Part 2 65mb


oldshepp said...

Thanks Skids. You know I can vaguely remember this one for the cover. Who would have thought it was for a various artists compilation. It looks right at home when 80's metal ruled !

Captain Goodvibes said...

Thanks skids i had never heard of this one before.

bazzil said...

Mark Holden and The Saints on the same LP.

Is that possible?

skids said...

video recorders were invented in the 70's - so anything was possible back then bazzil ;-)

skids said...

Part 1

PJ said...

I remember 'devastator' when I went to a Salvo shop one day in the mid 80s.. scratched LP for $3. Good collection.

NOTE: the track 'a fifth of Beethoven' was re-sampled in 2003 for 'Thicke - When I Get You Alone' this is the original from Saturday Night Fever soundtrack - much better. I remember Mark Holden when he guest hosted/appeared on Countdown. (UGH!) Don't know what the teenage girls saw in him at the time... Never heard of Redhouse. 2 thumbs up nonetheless.