Thursday, January 24, 2008

Rockbuster' 77

Rockbuster' 77

01. You've Gotta Get Up And Dance - Supercharge
02. Love Has No Pride - Daryl Braithwaite
03. Portsmouth - Mike Oldfield
04. Party To End All Parties - Skyhooks
05. They Shoot Horses Don't They - Racing Cars
06. Gloria - Ray Burgess
07. Rockaria! - ELO
08. Stares And Whispers - Renee Geyer
09. Get a Grip On Yourself - The Stranglers
10. Glad To Be Alive - Windchase
11. Magazine Madonna - Sherbet
12. I Like Dreamin' - Kenny Nolan
13. My Little Girl - Ted Mulry Gang
14. Roxy Roller - Nick Glider
15. Capricorn Dancer - Richard Clapton
16. Magic Man - Heart
17. Tracks of My Tears - Shirley
18. Lucille - Kenny Rogers
19. Gonna Fly Now (Theme From Rocky) - Bill Conti
20. Another Funny Honeymoon - David Dundas

Rockbuster' 77

Front & Back Scan Included

Ripped @ 320kbps

New Link 3rd August 2008


Micko said...

Thanks Captain & thanks to George too. However is anyone else having trouble downloading this. Mega just doesn't respond after ya put the code in & click download. Badongo downloads the first 1/2 OK but the 2nd half file downloads as an empty file. And I don't even know how to download from the other server, other than clicking on a phone offer which I don't want. HELP!! please


Micko :-)

Captain Goodvibes said...

I downloaded it from megaupload no problems

Captain Goodvibes said...

megauload seems to be having problems saying file temporary unavailable. But with fast loading just enter the exact cade they have listed in box and click on submit seems to be working.

Micko said...

Thanks Captain
Still no action with Mega & it took a few shots with fastupload but it finally kicked in. Now it's downloading, albeit VERY slowly (14.1 kb/sec!!) Still we have movement at the station & I should have it in 2 hrs 20 mins LOL. Thanks mate :-)


Destiny Clontz said...

Hi, i love the idea of your blog. I posted something about it on my site "StellaVista".

Best wishes, Destiny

Big Hugh Ness said...

Thanks folks, it's jolly sporting of you to do all this for us.

oldshepp said...

Megaupload works for me thanks. BTW Gotta love the cover !

PJ said...

I have been trying to find this album for over 20 years! And now thanks to Captain Goodvibes it is here. I used to have the vinyl of it back in 1985 but it was badly scratched so Shirley skipped as did most of side 2. Cheers Captain! Quality is excellent as one would expect from a vinyl Festival TV Special (as the label showed). 2 thumbs up!

PJ said...

excellent quality - no skips. cheers Captain! i got the file no problems.