Friday, January 18, 2008

20 Explosive Hits 71

01 L.A. International Airport - SUSAN RAYE
02 Hot Love - T REX
03 I Hear Those Church Bells Ringing - DUSK
04 Don't Pull Your Love - HAMILTON, JOE FRANK & REYNOLDS
05 Future Of Our Nation - MASTER'S APPRENTICES
06 Little Queenie - ROLLING STONES
07 Gotta See Jane - R.DEAN TAYLOR
08 The banner Man - BLUE MINK
09 Chick-A-Boom - DADDY DEWDROP
10 Camp - SIR HENRY
11 He's Gonna Step On You Again - JOHN KONGOS
12 Black Knight - DEEP PURPLE
13 Sweet sweet Love - RUSSELL MORRIS
14 It's A Sin To Tell A Lie - GERRY MONROE
15 Never Can Say Goodbye - THE JACKSON FIVE
16 Too Young To Be Married - THE HOLLIES
17 I Don't Know How To Love Him - HELEN REDDY
18 Falling In Love Again - TED MULRY
19 Tom Tom Turnaround - NEW WORLD
20 Here Comes That Rainy Day Feeling - THE FORTUNES

Part1 96mb
part2 25mb

some artwork from previous posts


Captain Goodvibes said...

Thanks again Skids and thanks for the art work as well. I am going to finish scanning my earlier albums next week that i haven't posted as yet.

Vinyl1 said...

Thanks for the great posts.
I have a few of these I can upload if you want them. Where do I send the links?


Koop said...

What a great site you have - congrats! I just discovered it but immediately threw it into my bookmarks. Can I be so bold to launch a request? "Woman" by Billy London isn't by any chance on one of your K-Tels? I looked for the song for ages, kinda gave up but now I that see your blog I'm beginning to get new hope... Some extra background info I googled:Billy London was created in London, England in 1978, when the American-born musician Billy Barth emigrated to Britain to embrace its pop-music culture. He recorded a single for RSO/Polydor in 1981, signed to the label by Ashley Newton, song : "Woman" produced by Nigel Gray. Video producer: Clive Richardson. Anyway, keep up the good work!

Captain Goodvibes said...


If you look up the top lefthand side you will see 3 name s under contributors and if you click my name you will see my profile and my email address. you can email me the links and i will post them for you.



Micko said...

Thanks from me too skids. Another one of me very first albums I ever owned though I dunno now if it was this one or Electrifying Hits V1 that WAS 1st :-)

Thanks also for the artwork for previous uploads all in one file. That's just such a great bonus. Appreciate it mate



Anonymous said...

great the K-Tel compilation albums.

just one the artwork file you have scans for an album called "Outa Sight"....but I can't find the download for this I going balmy and just missed it?

Anonymous said...

ummmm....eeerrrr.....I should have looked further ay....found Outa Sight....doh!!

ozi-fox-38 said...

Awesome album (among many) skids. My copy is so badly scratched it is no longer listenable. Thanks for this mate. :)

skids said...

no worries ozi-fox-38

thanks for all the nice comments ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hi There,
Is there a link to the second half of this album.....
As i have been looking for this for a long time....
Can someone help please
Thanks Debbie

jasons2 said...

Thanks skids. Another old vinyl compilation replaced.

skids said...

No Worries Jason2, thanks for all your comments ;-)