Saturday, November 24, 2007

K-Tel Unreal 1974


1 Suzi Quatro - 48 Crash
2 Leo Sayer - The Show Must Go On
3 Gary Glitter - I Love You Love Me Love
4 Cash Backman - My Girl Bill
5 Grahame Bond - Farewell Aunty Jack
6 Wizzard - See My Baby Jive
7 Daniel Boone - Skydiver
8 Vicki Lawrence - He Did With Me
9 The Edgar Winter Group - Frankenstein
10 Brownsville Station - Smokin' in the Boy's Room
11 Brian Cadd - Class of '74
12 Stealers Wheel - Star
13 Barry White - Never, Never Gonna Give Ya Up
14 Johnny O'Keefe - Mockingbird
15 Osmosis - She (Didn't Remember My Name)
16 Judy Stone - Mare, Mare, Mare
17 Don Gibson - Snap Your Fingers
18 Sherbet - So Glad You're Mine
19 The Stylistics - Rockin' Roll Baby
20 Jamie Redfern - Hitch a Ride on a Smile


Password: K-Tel

118MB 256 kpbs

Cover Scans

OK i have re-uploaded this as i stuffed up and had all different byte rates somehow.
Re-Uploaded on 27-12-2007 10.45PM


Micko said...

Hi Captain
I notice the tracks on this vary from the lo fi 128 kbps to 192 with a couple at optimum 320 quality. Just wondering how this happened as it will make for a variable listen on my stereo.

Not complaining, just wondering Micko

Captain Goodvibes said...

Yeah i'm not sure i was working on that album late after midnight as i remember and was ripping each song individually. Now i just rip the whole album as 1 side and then break it down into individual tracks. I didn't even notice. I will redo it and post a new link ASAP.

Captain Goodvibes said...

Well i have been lucky i still had the original rips @ 320kbps on my computer, so all i had to do was clean the clicks and pops up. Am currently uploading now so should be up in about 1 and a half hours. All files will be 256 kbps. Sorry for the stuff up

Micko said...

Thanks Captain

An easy mistake to make ripping that way at that time of night. Good job ya kept the 320 k rip :-)

Cheers m8


Micko said...

I never did get around to grabbing this again but have now it 's sounds fine & again it's of excellent quality.

With Suzi Q, Wizzard, Edgar Winter Group, Brownsville Station, Leo Sayer & Stealer's Wheel among other goodies it's probably my face of all on here so far

Thanks Captain


Anonymous said...

cptn goodvibes,,, an honourable name.i been after the osmosis song for ages.thanks..frankenstien dosn't hurt either thanks again

Anonymous said...


Excellent post.

I was searching for the Osmosis song which lead me here.

Aunty Jack (Oz classic) unheard for years.

Great site too.

In the words of ABBA "Thank you for the music"