Tuesday, November 13, 2007

FULL BOAR (1979)

Has a couple of bad scratches and skips :-/
If I got bits of the next or previous song, to bad, its one of those LP's with no gaps.

Side One
01 He's My Number One - CHRISTIE ALLEN
02 Space Invaders - PLAYER (1)
03 Fly To High - JANIS IAN
04 Escape (The Pina Colada Song) - RUPERT HOLMES
05 I Don't Like Mondays - BOOMTOWN RATS
06 Hot Town - JOHN ENGLISH
07 Computer Games - MI-SEX
08 Girls Talk - DAVE EDMUNDS
09 Love Will Find A Way - THE REELS
10 Choir Girl - COLD CHISEL
11 I got You - SPLIT ENZ
13 Driver's Seat - SNIFF 'N' THE TEARS
14 Stranger's On A Train - THE SPORTS
15 Dream Police - CHEAP TRICK
16 Little Sister - RY COODER
17 Confrontation - THE ALIENS
18 Shape I'm In - JO JO ZEP & THE FALCONS
19 Hey Lord Don't Ask Me Questions - GRAHAM PARKER
20 I'm Not Like Everybody Else - JIMMY & THE BOYS

Ripped @320
Side One
Side Two


Mark said...

greetings from Florida! ~ you ain't kiddin', lotsa skips, pops, totally crappy rip - but totally fun! A handful of tracks I'd never heard of, like the Christie Allen one, but it's proof that Abba truly did rule down under! THANKS for the listen, it was a blast!

ozi-fox-38 said...

Skids, you are absolutely correct about the bits of the next or previous track on this album, it was actually a 'mix' LP with zero intervals/gaps between tracks to maintain that 'party' atmosphere when it was played at clubs.
I had this on both LP and cassette, and the cassette didn't have many intervals either, but some tracks were full versions on it compared to the LP. Alas, I lost the cassette and the LP I had got stolen. Still a good album though. As for scratches, tough luck, can't help deteriorating vinyl, and most of these tracks have been remastered and digitalized to CD since. I fail to see how ABBA and Christie Allen are connected to this album though.
In any event, 2 thumbs up again to you :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, the reason there are no gaps and the songs are cold cut short, is that K-tel crammed 20 tracks on an LP that normally would contain 16 to 18. It's unfortunate that they have done this, however it sounds great the way that Christie Allen cuts straight to Space Invaders and I Got You cuts to Money,etc...

skids said...

for those that read the comments

a clean rip


PJ said...

nice clean rip. cold-cut-edit. not mix/crossfade but still great. an ideal party album. thanks skids.

skids said...

One of my Fav's PJ

Professional Vampire said...

Totally wicked, we used to listen to this over and over and over and over again as kids! Did you have the pig poster too?

skids said...

lol, yes i have the pig head wearing sunglasses poster

Lara Croft said...

I had this album, first year high school, LOVEEED it

Anonymous said...

I Have this Album on LP and Cassette need to know how to rip from my pc

skids said...

I use RIP vinyl