Friday, March 26, 2010

Discollection 1979

01 I Will Survive - GLORIA GAYNOR skip?
03 Holiday - MOULIN ROUGE
04 Shake Your Groove Thing - PEACHES AND HERB
05 For Your love - CHILLY
06 Living On the Frontline - EDDY GRANT
07 Anybody Want To Party - GLORIA GAYNOR
08 Dont let me Be Misunderstood - SANTA ESMERELDA
09 Superstar - JON ENGLISH
10 I Love the Nightlife - ALICIA BRIDGES
11 Diamonds Are A Girls Best friend - BERTICE READING
12 Love Vibration - JOE SIMON
13 While London Dances - RICHARD MYHILL
14 Bridge Over troubled Water - LINDA CLIFFORD
15 Symphony Of Love - MIQUEL BROWN
16 Never Can Say Goodbye - GLORIA GAYNOR

ta Jeremy


Warwick said...


Love your work!

Can you check the password for 1985 let's go, and post the rar for 1987 let's party?

Many thanks!!!

skids said...

pass works ok 4 me

lets party? i think i may have it

Warwick said...

According to my records (pardon the pun), 1987 let's party was the final vinyl record that wasn't dual-released with a cd.

Kind of a milestone album.

The others that followed, such as 1987 HitCity Megamixes and 1987 Into the Groove Megamixes and so on don't count! ;)

Thanks for checking. I downloaded the file twice from the site, and tried the skids pass, but to no avail. Will try again tonight.

Warwick said...

Tried downloading several times, several pcs, but the let's go link just redirects to the rapidshare default page... I think the link is broken.


skids said...

link is now gone ;-(

when i get around to it I'll rip my LP

I dont have 1987 let's party, but I have seen it somewhere

Brian said...

Skids, is there another link for the Discollection LP?

I finished downloading via WinZip and the end result was that the vinyl's track listings weren't "extractable" as the Heavy Sounds 1970 was. At least the Heavy Sounds had a full list of what was sung and who sang what.

Discollection just had Side 1 and Side 2 and no other details.

I am so frustrated right now, i hope you can offer an alternative solution to this download problem.


skids said...


that was the way i recorded it as one song leads into another...
I might provide another link with separate mp3's in the future

skids said...

separate mp3's

Anonymous said...

Has anybody found a copy of "punk Nursery rhymes" ? It came out about 1983ish. Would love to hear that one again

Anonymous said...