Saturday, February 13, 2010


01 Beat It Micheal Jackson
02 Der Kommissar - AFTER THE FIRE
03 I'm Still Standing - ELTON JOHN
04 Buffalo Girls - MALCOLM McLAREN
05 Wham Rap - WHAM
06 Little Red Corvette - PRINCE
07 Black And White - INXS
08 Overkill - MEN AT WORK
09 Street Cafe - ICEHOUSE
10 Solitaire - LAURA BRANIGAN
11 The Walls Came Down - THE CALL
12 Stand Back - STEVIE NICKS
13 Let's Go To bed - THE CURE
14 Mad World - TEARS FOR FEARS
15 Speak Like A Child - THE STYLE COUNCIL
16 Candy Girl - NEW EDITION
17 Its Raining men - THE WEATHER GIRLS
18 Total Eclipse Of The Heart - BONNIE TYLER



Anonymous said...

thanks for the great post skids, is there any chance that you could re-scan front cover of this as not fully scanned to edge..would be much appreciated.

skids said...

I dont answer request for Anonymous

skids said...

Rod said...

thank skids...havn't been to this site is Rod..i guess the cover down load is a mix the comments on there. Mate don't want to trouble you for extra effort so thanks anyway for your'b been great. It just looks good on the ipod. :-)

skids said...

Cheers Rod

Anonymous said...

You're a fuckin' loser, skids - skid ROW

PJ said...


Anonymous said...

You're a f***in' loser, skids - skid ROW

My response:

Yet another waste of space who has to hide behind a guest user name to post negative crap about the content and its uploader here. Piss off and get your music someplace else if you don't like it. There are plenty of users with or without blogger accounts who do appreciate these and similar albums from skids. 2 thumbs up to skids for his efforts.