Sunday, September 6, 2009

Keep On Dancing

01 Is There Something I Should Know - DURAN DURAN
02 Affair Of The Heart - RICK SPRINGFIELD
03 What Kinda Boy You're Lookin' For (girl)- HOT CHOCOLATE
04 Love Is A Stranger - EURYTHMICS
05 Send Me An Angel (extended dance mix) - REAL LIFE
06 Ooh To Be Tah - KAJAGOOGOO
07 Do Ya Wanna Funk - SYLVESTER
08 Love Wakes Up - THE HONEYMOON
09 Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye - BANANARAMA
10 Always Something There To Remind Me - NAKED EYES
11 Jeopardy - GREG KILN BAND
12 Shiny Shiny - HAYSI FANTAYZEE
13 Waiting For The train (french take) - FLASH AND THE PAN
14 Dracula's Tango (sucker for your love) - TOTO COLEO
15 Atomic Dog - GEORGE CLINTON skips
16 No Tragedy - THE RADIATORS
18 She Blinded Me With Science (extended dance mix) - THOMAS DOLBY

Keep On Dancing

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G said...

Intersting blog you have here.

I originally found it while doing some research for an upcoming humorous post about K-Tel music.

K-Tel music was a great addition to my music sensibilities while growing up.