Sunday, July 5, 2009

The "R" Certificate Song Book 1969

01 Woodpeckers Hole
02 The Bastard King Of England
03 Whoredean School
04 Blinded By Turds
05 Little red Hen
06 Chasity belt
07 Drop-The-Line-Medley
08 Abdul The Bul Bul Ameer
09 Lydia Pinkham
10 Christopher Colombo
11 Poor Little Angeline
12 The Hermit
13 The Great Big Wheel
14 Dickie DiDo

"R" Certificate


Anonymous said...

Hi, great site!
Any chance of re-upping
16 Checkin It Out (baby don't cry) - OZZ

from Killer Watts as it is corrupt. Would really appreciate it.

Thank you

Anonymous said...

Is there any chance of getting volume 2 of the r certificate album?

skids said...

I don't have it....

Anonymous said...

I have been able to get hold of the r certificate album volume 2. Here is the link:

No password

Anonymous said...
hi just bought the r certificate song book albumn in perfect condition not so much the cover if anyone needs to know any thing about this albumn please email me
as this is a lost treasure

jeff in sydney said...

just fabulous, many thanks for putting this up. Any idea who the performers were?

Links for both still working after 2+ years, fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Cooee. the link is dead, any chance of a re-up? I used to have this LP in the 70's; I wish I still had it, I used to play it all the time. cheers

Taylah Kersting said...

Hi guys.
I am wondering if anyone has the link to both Vol.1 + 2?
Have downloaded number 2 I think, but would love the rest. or if anyone is willing to email them to me or something my email is

Anonymous said...

Hi all would anyone have a mp3 version to send my email is
Thanks in advance if you do

skids said...

new link in post

Anonymous said...

Anyone out there can help source R Certificate Songbook Vol.1 ?
Cannot find anywhere ??