Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Goofy Greats etc...


Lee said...

You're welcome.

Anonymous said...

the links don't seem to work?

skids said...

Follow Lee to Fudgeland to get them

skids said...

1. Bobby Day - Rockin Robin
2. Hollywood Argyles - Alley-Oop
3. Fendermen - Mule Skinner Blues
4. Tokens - Lion Sleep Tonight
5. Ohio Express - Chewy Chewy
6. Playmates - Beep Beep
7. Sam the Sham & The Pharoahs - Wooly Bully
8. Larry Williams - Bony Moronie
9. Ray Stevens - Ahab the Arab
10. Jewel Akens - Georgie Porgie
11. Trashmen - Surfin Bird
12. George Baker Selection - Little Green Bag
13. Tommy James and Shondells - Mony Mony
14. Ohio Express - Yummy Yummy
15. Sheb Wooley - Purple People Eater
16. Johnny Thunder - Loop De Loop
17. Newbeats - Bread and Butter
18. Lee Dorsey - Ya Ya
19. Little Anthony and the Imperials - Shimmy Shimmy Ko-Ko Bop
20. Royal Guardsmen - Snoopy vs Red Baron
21. Shirley Ellis - Name Game
22. Moments - Walk Right In
23. Tony & Joe - The Freeze
24. Brian Hyland - Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka-Dot Bikini
25. 1910 Fruitgum Co - 1 2 3 Redlight
26. Bill Haley & the Comets - See You Later Alligator
27. Standells - Dirty Water
28. Ray Stevens - Gitarzan

1. Napoleon XIV - They're Coming To Take Me Away
2. The Coasters - Along Came Jones
3. Alan Sherman - Hello Mudduh Hello Faddah
4. The Rivingtons - Birds The Word
5. Ed Byrnes - Kookie Lend Me Your Comb
6. David Seville - Witch Doctor
7. Buzz Clifford - Baby Sittin Boogie
8. Nervous Norvus - Transfusion
9. Joe Perkins - Little Effin Annie
10. Lonnie Donegan - My Old Mans A Dustman
11. Charlie Drake - My Boomerang Won't Come Back
12. Ray Stevens - The Streak
13. Harv Norman - Rubber Duckie
14. Tiny Tim - Tiptoe Thru The Tulips
15. The Coasters - Charlie Brown
16. Nervous Norvus - Ape Call
17. The Hustlers - Shaving Cream
18. The Rivingtons - Papa Oom Mow Mow
19. Jumpin Gene Simmons - Haunted House
20. Sam the Sham And the Pharoahs - Little Red Riding Hood
21. Zacherle - Dinner With Drac
22. Susan Christie - I Love Onions
23. Ernie K. Doe - Mother In Law
24. The Chipmunks - The Chipmunk Song

1. My Ding A Ling — Chuck Berry
2. Monster Mash — Bobby Boris Pickett
3. Alvin’s Harmonica — David Seville and the Chipmunks
4. On Top of Spaghetti — Tom Glazer
5. Beans in My Ears — Serendipity Singers
6. I’m a Nut — Leroy Pullins
7. All I Want For Christmas — Jimmy James
8. I Taut I Taw A Puddy Tat — Tom Katz
9. Teddy Bears’ Picnic — Lucy Diner
10. Ding Dong! The Witch is Dead — Gingerbread
11. Seven Little Girls Sitting in the Back Seat — Paul Evans
12. The Jolly Green Giant — Kingsmen
13. If You Wanna Be Happy – Jimmy Soul
14. Who Put The Bomp – Barry Mann
15. Pink Shoelaces – Dodie Stevens
16. Mr Bass Man – Johnny Cymbal
17. Bridget The Midget – Ray Stevens
18. The Ballad of Irving – Frank Gallop
19. Martian Hop – Galaxies
20. Here Comes the Judge – Bobby Biggs
21. Nuttin’ For Christmas – Billy Pressman
22. Short Shorts – Bermudas
23. Little Arrows – Leapy Lee
24. Happy Go Lucky Me – Paul Evans

Lacey said...

Thank you for the links.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for sharing. I had a HUGE nerd urge to hear these songs today. :)

NoReasonToGetUp said...

wow! Thanks so much for posting this! I first got this record from my parents in the 1970's and played it on my monotone winnie the pooh record player, lol. Such memories.....My fave is Snoopy vs the red baron, 2nd place, bird is the word.

Mars Barger said...

It's been at least 30 years since I listened to that album when I was a child, but I'm sure Goofy Greats had the song "Green Tambourine" by The Lemon Pipers on it.

Rock The Jukebox said...

Awesome! These songs are the coolest. I'll have to add them to my blog...

Rock The Jukebox said...

Awesome! These songs are the coolest. I'll have to add them to my blog...

Rev. Nørb said...

Regarding "Green Tambourine," there was a one-album version of "Goofy Greats" ((the version with which i am familiar)), and that one had "Green Tambourine." I weep for its absence!

Rev. Nørb said...

The single LP version also had "Ma Nah Ma Nah," come to think of it.

Madeleine Lucy West said...

I've got the single LP on vinyl in front of me. Tracklisting:

Side 1:
Bread And Butter - The New Beats
Alley Oop - Hollywood Argyles
Loop Di Loop - Johnny Thunder
Wild Thing - Troggs
The Birds And The Bees - Jewel Atkins
Big Six - Judge Dread
Pretty Little Angel Eyes - Curtis Lee
You Talk Too Much - Joe Jones
Surfin Bird - The Trashmen
Mr Custer - Larry Verne
Funky Gibbon - The Goodies
Simon Says - 1910 Fruitgum Company

Side 2:
Snoopy V. The Red Baron - Hot Shots
Rockin Robin - Bobby Day
Bony Moronie - Larry Williams
Good Golly Miss Molly - Little Richard
Beatnik Fly - Johnny And The Hurricanes
Mule Skinner Blues - Fendermen
Nashville Cats - Lovin Spoonful
Western Movies - Olympics
Yummy Yummy Yummy - Ohio Express
Judy In Disguise - John Fred And His Playboy Band
Mony Mony - Tommy Jones And The Shondells
Nice One Cyril - Cockerel Chorus

That was it! I guess the reissue(s) is to do with licensing problems with half the original tunes.

Mars Barger said...

I had the 8-Track version and it definitely had "Green Tambourine" & "Ma Nah Ma Nah" on it.

Mary said...

We had the single version and as far as I can remember (and I've spent a lot of time working on it!), these were the songs on it, not in correct order. Still not the same as any listed here. I remember that we got it as a free give-away (with a real goldfish!) when a new drug store opened up.

Snoopy vs. The Red Baron, The Royal Guardsmen
Bread and Butter, The Newbeats
Little Green Bag, George Baker Selection
Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini, Brian Hyland
The Name Game, Shirley's Gang
Beep Beep, The Playmates
The Lion Sleeps Tonight, The Tokens
Mr. Custer, Larry Verne
Mule Skinner Blue, The Fendermen
Rockin' Robin, Bobby Day
Ahab the Arab, Ray Stevens
Surfin' Bird, The Trashmen
Yummy Yummy Yummy, Ohio Express
Wooly Bully, Sam the Sham & The Pharaohs
1,2,3 Red Light, 1910 Fruitgum Company
Chewy Chewy, Ohio Express
Loop De Loop, Johnny Thunder
Mah Na, Mah Na
Yakety Yak, The Coasters
Alley Oop, The Hollywood Argyles
Green Tambourine, The Lemon Pipers
Nashville Cats, The Lovin' Spoonful
Simon Says, 1910 Fruitgum Company
Birds and the bees, Jewel Atkins

I may be forgetting some, but it definitely did have Green Tamborine and Ma na ma na. I may be forgetting a few. I finally just gave up on finding the original (looking for years!) and have just been buying the songs on itunes.

Madeleine Lucy West said...

From the comments about 'drug store' I'm guessing people are talking about a US version. Mine is the Kay Tel UK version.

Wicket said...

Okay i have looked over everyone's track list of this album but I'm positive that when i was a kid growing up i heard a version of does your chewing gum lose its flavor (on the bedpost overnight) but i don't recall who the band was that performs it, and despite my numerous google searches i have yet to find the version that was on this cassette. if any one knows i would greatly appreciate it. This would have been a US version

Craig Williams said...

@Wicket: Your album was issued by K-Tel in 1976 and has Lonnie Donegan's original version of "Chewing Gum" on Side Two. The album was called "Kooky Toones" and featured 24 original hits. It was also on a K-Tel album called "Wacky Westerns" issued in 1975.

Anonymous said...

The link '' does not work anymore. Does anyone know an alternative?

Anonymous said...

Here's a working link to Goofy Greats:

My Thank to the people who shared the links above!

Anonymous said...

I had this record in 1974 or '75.

Mary has most of the track list right, and it did indeed have Green Tamborine, but I don't think mine had Mah Na Mah Na.

Anonymous said...

Help! Trying to find "Dumb Ditties" so I can climb back into the Way-Back Machine!!

progforjoy said...

I had Goofy Greats along with Out of Sight,Far Out,Music Express,and Rock On.

Master Tang said...
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Master Tang said...

I just picked the LP up from my Mother and heard it again for the first time in about 33 years my 1975 version of Goofy Greats. I was glad to find some links so thanks for those! My LP is scratched so badly since I fear playing it on my nice turntable, it was played hard for many many years. The other versions of this album with other tracks makes me want to get the other songs!
K-Tel NU 9030 from 1975, US Version. Track listing for my version is as follows.
Side 1:
1-Snoopy V. The Red Baron - Royal Guardsmen
2-Itsy Bitsy Teeniw Weenie Yellow Polak Dot Bikini-Brian Hyland
3-Bread And Butter - The New Beats
4-Mule Skinner Blues - Fendermen
5-Rockin Robin - Bobby Day
6-Alley Oop - Hollywood Argyles
7-Loop De Loop - Johnny Thunder
8-Yummy Yummy Yummy - Ohio Express
9-Little Green Bag-George Baker Selection
10-The lion Sleeps tonight-The tokens
11-Surfin Bird-Trashmen
12-Chewy Chewy- Ohio Express

Side 2
1-Ahab the Arab-Ray stevens
2-The Name game -Shirley Ellis
3-Green Tambourine-Lemon Pipers
4-simon says-1910 Fruitgum Company
5-Mah Na Mah Na-Piero Umiliani
6-See You Later Alligator-Bill haley
7-Beep Beep-Playmates
8-The Birds and the Bees-Jewel akens
9-Nashville Cats-Lovin spoonful
10-Mr Custer-Larry Verne
11-Bony Moronie-larry williams
12-1,2,3, Redlight-1910 fruitgum Company

Anonymous said...

Does anybody have a working link to Goofy Greats 18 or to hear these old favorites again....

thanks for your time in advance!