Friday, July 4, 2008

Pump It Up 88

01 The devil Inside - INXS
02 Celebration - DRAGON
03 I Think We're Alone Now - TIFFANY
04 Love In The First Degree - BANANARAMA
05 Never Gonna Give You Up - RICK ASTLEY
06 So Emotional - WHITNEY HOUSTON
07 Dance Little Sister - TERENCE TRENT D'ARBY
08 Never Can Say Goodbye - THE COMMUNARDS
09 Hazy Shade Of Winter - BANGLES
10 Say You Will - FOREIGNER
11 Unchain My Heart - JOE COCKER
12 Just Like Paradise - DAVID LEE ROTH
13 I Found Someone - CHER
14 Hold Me Now - JOHNNY LOGAN
15 Everywhere - FLEETWOOD MAC

Pump It Up 88


Anonymous said...

Just saw this site for the first time today (linked from Ausrock). This place is awesome! But it also makes me feel very very old.

skids said...

I'm a lil disappointed it took you so long to find this place Mr OLD Anonymous LOL

Micko said...

Aside from the bona-fide latter-day Joe Cocker classic & the wondrous tonsil's of Fleetwood Mac's Christine McVie, this album is a perfect example of what went wrong with music in the 80's. Everything is either smothered in synths (including Mac it must be admitted) &/or is overproduced corporate rock (ie Foreigner/Cher) polished to remove any of the original balls or spontanaiety from what may have been excellent original takes. Or else these songs suffer from both. Even worse, the mighty Dragon, who's run of hits b4 & after this is 2nd to none, resort to covering disco here. A very sad album indeed, especially compared to some of the great 70's comps available on here.
Nonethless you've done a great job catering for all tastes here skids



Mike Hobart said...

Oh my, I remember I had this one on a cassette tape. Now what did I do with it.....?